A year of fire safety and increased energy efficiency featured in Paroc Group’s sustainability report 2014

30 Apr 2015
Paroc has launched its 2014 sustainability report, which lays out details of the company’s programmes to drive long-term economic, social, and environmental value.

Paroc sustainability report 2014

The highlights of Paroc’s performance in 2014 within its five focus areas – customer, growth, innovation, efficiency and sustainability, and people – include:

  • The implementation of further occupational health and safety (OHS) measures that resulted in a lower accident rate and fewer sick leave absences. The work towards achieving top results in this area continues with the aim of reaching the key strategic target of zero accidents.
  • Improvements in the company’s internal energy efficiency: during 2014 alone, the amount of energy Paroc consumed in its operations decreased by the equivalent of the CO2 emissions of almost 2 million family cars. 
  • Successful efforts to raise the importance of fire safety in European residential and non-residential buildings, and to encourage the development of uniform and up-to-date fire safety standards.