PAROC Delign enables a continuous, seamless line on exterior walls

29 Sep 2015
PAROC Delign is a new and innovative sandwich panel system that can be used to fade out the vertical joints typically found on facades of prefabricated buildings. Continuous horizontal joints crossing over the element’s vertical joints offer a whole new world of visual possibilities for facade construction.

The concept of PAROC Delign is a complete, integrated facade system consisting of elements, fasteners, sealings and battens. The Delign batten system enables the use of continuous horizontal lines in facades and the continuation of the same line also around the corners of buildings. The cost-effective Delign elements are available in several colours.

– There has been demand for a system such as Delign especially among architects and designers. Thanks to the system, they are able to design even more impressive and distinctive facade solutions, says Jim Willberg, the designer in charge of Delign from Paroc.

The actual innovation in the Delign concept is the easy to use securing and battening system that covers the element and batten fasteners. When the elemental fasteners are hidden underneath the surface battens, the vertical seams of the building are easier to merge into the rest of the facade.

Delign is safe and fast to install

The most visible part of the Delign system consists of the PAROC Shadow sandwich elements with deep element seams, a stone wool core and steel surface. In facades the thickness of the elements usually varies from 120 mm to 300 mm.

Besides its appearance, the main benefit of Delign is its fast and easy installation. The batten covers are delivered ready-to-install for easy integration with the element seams and do not require any further work on the construction site. The Delign system is waterproof immediately after installation.

– The first Delign project has already been completed in Rovaniemi and the second project will be completed during autumn 2015 at the Bromma airport in Stockholm. Delign has already received a very enthusiastic reception from our clients, Willberg says.

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