Paroc Panel System is launching new aids for safer and easier installation

06 May 2015
Increasing workplace safety and quality when carrying out installation is becoming increasingly important for an effective construction process. Paroc now offers a number of new aids for safer, faster and easier installation of Paroc Panel System’s sandwich panels.

Clamping tools
The clamping tool makes it easier to clamp two Paroc sandwich panels together quickly and effectively in situations where the panels’ own weight is insufficient, e.g. for upright, ceiling and roof installations. The toolkit is rented out in sets of two clamping tools with a 5 m vacuum hose with quick coupling, as well as a vacuum compressor. Contact our regional sales office to rent the equipment.

Safety line with magnetic clasp
The safety line with a magnetic clasp makes it easier for the installer to release the safety line quickly and easily right before the panels are coupled together. This would otherwise take an unnecessarily long time. The safety line is developed for use exclusively with Paroc Panel System’s lifting beams, which are rented out in sets consisting of a lifting tool, a safety line with magnetic clasp, a hoisting line and a flex line. Contact our regional sales office to rent the equipment.

Rain protector with magnetic fastener
Paroc’s new rain protector is quick and easy to use and ensures that the sandwich panels’ horizontal woollen core is kept dry in the event of sudden rainfall or when installation stops for the evening. The rain protector is 0.4 metres wide, has a magnetic fastener on each side, and is sold in rolls of 6.5 metres

For more detailed information, go to Lifting and Assembly Tools.