Healthy acoustic conditions are a necessity in hospital environments

11 Jun 2015
According to WHO, excessive noise can harm human health and interfere with people’s daily activities at school, work, home, and during leisure time.

The noise levels in today’s hospitals are very high, which can have an impact on patients’ perceptions of privacy, comfort, safety, and security. This can be severely irritating and at times even harmful to patients who require rest. Unhealthy acoustic conditions contradict with the paramount mission of hospitals: offering patients an environment to heal in.

Therefore, good room acoustics and sufficient soundproofing are particularly important in the healthcare environment. Reducing noise in hospitals is a complex project that requires careful design, and finding the exact solution for each hospital space is crucial.

Paroc participated in the expanding of Kuopio University Hospital, taking part in the acoustic planning and providing the insulation solutions used in the premises. Paroc’s acoustic upholstering was used in two different places, in both the small and large lobbies, with over 700m2 in total, spanning over the height of four floors. The new spaces have been in customer use since May 2015, and the results have been great.

The final choice for insulation was Paroc’s Parafron Royal, a 50-millimeter thick, non-combustible stone wool based acoustic slab. The thick board was chosen because of its soundproofing qualities, which are exceptionally good for low frequencies. Low frequency sounds are generally seen as the most disturbing and the most harmful for people’s wellbeing. At the same time, low frequencies are the most difficult to suppress. The decision was therefore clear.

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Kuopio Kaarisairaala hospital