Fire protection up to 120 minutes

18 Jun 2014
Pipe penetrationPAROC fire protection solutions for pipe penetrations provide with fire resistance up to 120 minutes. Maintenance-free, long-term solution, tested according to harmonised European standard EN 1366-3, is suitable for combustible and non-combustible pipes.

The solution is based on one product: PAROC Hvac Section AluCoat T, which is not only approved for pipe penetrations, but is also an excellent thermal insulation product, suitable for both hot and cold pipes. It has an AluCoat facing which works as a vapour barrier and protects against condensation.

PAROC fire protection solutions for pipe penetrations are maintenance-free, long-term solution which provide fire resistance up to 120 minutes.

PAROC fire solutions for pipe penetrations cover a large number of different pipe types. The solution can be used in rigid decks and walls, such as concrete or aerated concrete. It is also tested and classified for fire rated flexible walls e.g. gypsum boards and studs. Pipes used for drinking water, heating water, comfort cooling and unventilated sewage pipes are all included in the solution.

For more information, please contact:
Jim Lindström, Business Area Manager, Paroc Ab, tel. +46 70 266 5977