Calculate with PAROC Calculus

05 Apr 2013
Paroc, one of the leading European manufacturers of stone wool products for e.g. technical insulation is introducing PAROC Calculus, a new resource for calculating thermal insulation of pipes, ducts, tanks etc. The name Calculus originates from Latin and stands for "a small rock to count with" - which is a perfect name for a calculation program.

Paroc CalculusEnergy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions are nowadays a must when designing insulation in both residential buildings and industry constructions. Thanks to PAROC Calculus you can calculate the optimal solution for technical insulation. The program takes into consideration such factors as heat loss, ambient temperature and temperature drop within pipes, HVAC ducts and tanks, in accordance with EN ISO 12241.

The Calculus interface allows you to use the program even if you are unfamiliar with such software. The program offers the possibility to create your own product database and save calculations for the whole project. Calculus is available in two versions, web-based or downloadable with enhanced functions.

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