Paroc Base Division’s Senior Vice President, Joakim Westerlund, awarded as the winner of the Successful Leader 2012

29 Jan 2013
Paroc Base Division’s Senior Vice President, D.Sc. (Tech.), Joakim Westerlund (34) has reached the number one position in the Successful Leader contest, the results of which were published at the end of January 2013.

Themes of the annual contest this year were strategy expertise, managing uncertainty, inspiring and self-knowledge as a superior, which also are, according to the jury, Westerlund´s strengths.


Jury highlighted that his presence exudes balance, maturity, excitement and desire to get better and better in all he does. The profile made out of him, showed that he is an open and conversational superior, who wants to support his subordinates. It was found that he can also lead things as well as people.

Winning the Successful Leader award is truly wonderful recognition that inspires me to develop my leadership further. This victory is also a recognition to Paroc´s open and development-oriented business culture, where space and active support are given for personal growth”, Joakim Westerlund states.


The intention of the competition organized by Assidu Finland is to present in a spotlight a leader, who has, with his own action, encouraged the company´s competitiveness, and who plays a key role in putting the company's strategy into practice.

“Joakim is liked as a leader. His colleagues and subordinates respect especially for his ability to motivate and inspire members of his team. Joakim´s strong managements and strategy skills effectively take forward the company's strategic initiatives”, says Paroc Group CEO, Kari Lehtinen.

Westerlund appointed to Paroc Management Team

Joakim Westerlund was appointed in the beginning of this year as a member of the Paroc Group Management Team. In his new role, Westerlund is responsible for Paroc´s Base Division as a whole, including production in seven cities, in four different countries: in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, as well he is responsible for the Engineering and R&D functions of Paroc Group.

Westerlund has worked for Paroc, a manufacturer of energy-efficient insulation solutions, since February 2008. Joakim Westerlund graduated in 2005 as a Doctor of Science in Technology from Åbo Akademi University.