Paroc Panel Design Tool

03 Apr 2013

What are the basic architect´s tools if you have to name them? A pen? A good old-fashion trace paper? A great sketch book? A smart phone? All are important, but now Paroc Panel Design application completes the everyday tool set for architects. Paroc Panel Design is Paroc´s first step to wide world of BIM.

Paroc Panel Design add-on for ArchiCAD works as a basic architect tool when designing facades. It includes a wide range of panel structures. You can choose various panel models and colours as well as define technical properties required for structures. Add to this, the add-on covers different flashing alternatives and corner solutions for instance with Paroc corner panels. Paroc Panel Design add-on includes even listing function which calculates quantities of panels and flashings used in structures.

Download the free Paroc Panel Design add-on on our website: 

Paroc Panel Design application works in Windows and Mac with ArchiCAD versions 15 and 16. SE-versions are also supported.