Paroc Declaration of Performance now available

20 Jun 2013
Declaration of PerformanceAccording to the new EU Construction Products Regulation, the CE marking will become mandatory in EU countries for all construction products which have harmonized product standard or for which the manufacturer has obtained the European Technical Approval (ETA). Product properties that are covered by the CE marking should be indicated by a unified declaration of performance starting from July 1, 2013.
Paroc products are already CE-marked, so the change concerns indicating product properties according to the unified Declaration of Performance. The Declaration of Performance includes all mandatory properties for a product group, as well as solution properties according to the harmonized standards.

The Paroc Declaration of Performance is now available on our website. Our customers will receive the website address in the packing list together with all deliveries. The Declaration of Performance document number will also be included on the product label, so that the necessary documents are easy to find.

The new Construction Product Regulation concerns all Paroc product groups, with the exception of some complementary building products that have no harmonized product standard.

Link to the Declaration of Performance: