Joakim Westerlund appointed as Senior Vice President for Paroc Group

09 Jan 2013
Paroc Base Division’s Production Director, D.Sc. (Tech.), Joakim Westerlund (34) has been appointed as Senior Vice President, Base Production and as a member of the group’s Management Team from the beginning of 2013.

Westerlund has worked for Paroc, a manufacturer of energy-efficient insulation solutions, since February 2008. He has worked in the Base Division since spring 2012 before which, he acted as the Production Director for the Paroc Technical Insulation Division and prior to that, as the Productivity Manager in the Base Division.


Joakim is a genuine and skillful leader whom colleagues and subordinates respect especially for his ability to motivate and inspire members of his team. Joakim is also known as an analytical and logical thinker whose strong strategic ability comes from thoroughly familiarising himself with issues. He brings an excellent addition to the Paroc Management Team”, says Paroc Group CEO, Kari Lehtinen.


Joakim Westerlund graduated in 2005 as a Doctor of Science in Technology from Åbo Akademi University, where he also lectured on the subject of mathematical programming. Following his graduation he acted as Industrial Performance Manager at Nestlé and as the founding member and research manager at CIEM (Centre for Industrial Engineering and Management).

In his new position, Westerlund is responsible for Paroc Base Division, including production at seven plants, located in Finland, Sweden, Poland, and Lithuania, as well as the Engineering and R&D functions of Paroc Group.