PAROC Hvac GreyCoat – a new cost effective and fire safe solution for HVAC applications

19 Sep 2013
In places where HVAC installation is visible e.g. in shopping malls, public buildings and sports halls, you need to have a fire safe, clean and smooth end-result. With PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products you will get the desired result without any additional cladding or painting, and through its quick and easy installation you will save both time and money.

HVAC GreyCoat

GreyCoat is a new, light grey facing for all PAROC Hvac products. GreyCoat facing works as a vapour barrier and so GreyCoat faced slabs, lamella mats and mats can also be used as condensation insulation.

PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products are Euroclass A2-s1, d0 classified, which means that these products do not contribute to flashover nor create burning droplets. In addition, they create only a very limited amount of smoke.

Using GreyCoat you will get a PVC free cost-effective HVAC solution with no additional painting or cladding necessary. GreyCoat faced pipe sections; bends and tape offer you a full system for the quick insulation of pipes. GreyCoat faced pipe sections and tape offer you a full system for quick installation. For condensation insulation, GreyCoat tape must be used for the seams.

For more information, please contact:
Jim Lindström, Business Area Manager, Paroc Ab, tel. +46 70 266 5977