PAROC InSolar 50 increases the efficiency of solar panels

30 Mar 2012
PAROC InSolar 50 is a test-proofed insulation product which increases the performance of solar thermal systems by reducing heat loss, and thus retaining more of the captured power from the sun to improve overall solar panel performance.

PAROC InSolar 50 is a stone wool slab optimized for thermal insulation in solar panels. PAROC InSolar 50 in thickness 50 mm has passed the SPF (Solartechnik Prüfung Forschung) test for “Outgassing of thermal insulation materials in solar-thermal flatplate collectors with AR coated glass”. PAROC stone wool products are capable of withstanding high temperatures. Therefore this product improves significantly the solar panel energy efficiency by preventing the panels getting hot and losing their power.


Insulation boosts the solar panel energy-efficiency

The important fact to consider is that when sunlight falls on a flat surface the energy is absorbed and the panel gets hot. Solar panels actually lose efficiency as they get hotter. For every 1 degree (Celsius) temperature rise, a typical panel will lose about 0.5% efficiency. PAROC InSolar 50 insulation in the same panel helps to keep the elements cooler, thereby increasing the power output. Therefore the panels produce both electricity and hot water for the building more efficiently.

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