Paroc's technical insulation products are now CE marked

03 Oct 2012

CE marking of construction products mandatory from July 2013 onwards

CE-marked Paroc Product

CE marking complying with the Construction Products Regulation of the European Commission will be mandatory from 1 July 2013 onwards. The insulation products manufactured by Paroc Group, the market leader in safe and energy-efficient insulation solutions, have carried a CE marking as specified in harmonised product standards since 2002.

This autumn, Paroc's right to apply the CE marking was extended to cover technical insulation products intended for insulating HVAC solutions, industrial piping, storage tanks and equipment and various customer-specific solutions.

Since Paroc operates in 13 countries across Europe, the internationally recognised CE marking tells customers that the performance of the products in the familiar red-and-white-striped packaging meets the declared values.


The most important starting point in our product development is that in cooperation with the customer, we design the best possible solution for application, emphasising fire safety, health and energy efficiency as well as easy handling and installation, says Aki Suurkuukka, Marketing and Development Director of Paroc Technical Insulation.



“The insulation of heating, plumbing and ventilation equipment, pipes and air ducts, as well as insulating the building envelope, has become increasingly important in building design and implementation,” says Suurkuukka. “With CE marked products, the customers' construction projects progress more smoothly, since all of the parties can be certain that the performance of the products meets the declared values.”

The standard governing technical insulation products made of mineral wool (EN 14303) lists the mandatory and voluntary tests and the product properties to be declared. To be granted the CE marking, a product must be tested for at least the required properties, thermal conductivity, dimensions and dimensional tolerances, dimensional stability, reaction to fire characteristics and durability characteristics. Manufacturers may themselves decide whether they will also test their products for other properties, such as the maximum service temperature, compressive stress and trace quantities of water-soluble ions.

The CE marking is verified by an independent third party, also known as a notified body, which is authorised to carry out CE marking testing and plant quality control. Paroc's products are carefully controlled at the plant. In addition to internal quality control, VTT Expert Services Oy, a notified body, carries out inspection visits at every Paroc plant twice a year.

Paroc's tested stone wool products have also been granted the EUCEB certification, which certifies that the biodegradable fibers are free of health hazards. Many of Paroc's insulation products also carry the M1 indoor climate label for construction products.


About the CE marking
CE marking is based on the Construction Products Directive (CPD) of the European Commission and the Construction Products Regulation adopted in 2011, which will replace the CPD in 2013. The CE marking applies to all construction products produced for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works. The mandatory nature of the CE marking is expected to promote the free movement of construction products within the European Economic Area.

For those making decisions on construction product purchases and the end users, the CE marking gives information on the properties required in the applicable harmonised product standard, presented in a standardised manner. A manufacturer granted the right to use the CE marking also guarantees that the necessary quality control and tests have been carried out during production.