Paroc receives major award at international conference

15 Oct 2012
The energy-efficient insulation producer Paroc Group was elected the Global Insulation Company of the Year at the Global Insulation Conference, the number one annual event for the insulation business.

The event, held in Latvia at the end of September, gathered together international insulation manufacturers as well as construction experts and researchers from many universities. Participants arrived from 19 countries, including South Korea and Canada.

The award received by Paroc, Global Insulation Company of the Year 2012, was largely based on the company's pioneering role in attention to environmental effects. The panel also praised Paroc's innovative insulation solutions for renovation projects.

Paroc's ecological, social and economical dimensions of sustainability are demonstrated in the company's work towards more efficient use of resources and energy. From both the individual and social perspective, the total energy savings achieved through good insulation of buildings are the most important benefit yielded by sustainable operations.


High energy-efficiency of the built environment is a current topic round the world. Insulation solutions play a central role in the move towards sustainable and safe passive and zero energy construction, says Kari Lehtinen, CEO of Paroc Group.