PAROC Pro Clad – a new sustainable pre-clad insulation solution for industrial pipes

14 May 2012
Paroc Technical Insulation introduces PAROC Pro Clad - a pre-clad insulation solution for industrial pipelines and pipe elbows. It is a cost-effective solution, with products that are easy and quick to install. Furthermore as the insulation and cladding can be installed at the same time, it means significant savings in installation work.

PAROC Pro CladPAROC Pro Clad is a pre-clad solution ideal for indoor and outdoor usage in different industrial applications. The solution contains PAROC stone wool pipe sections, segments and bends, which have the same insulating capacity and other properties as PAROC Pro Sections. PAROC Pro Clad products have aluminium coated strong glass fibre cloth cladding with UV-protection, which makes these products especially suitable for outdoor usage.

Water tightness boosts sustainability

The insulation works as designed when it stays dry. Water tightness and vapour permeability of this solution guarantee optimal insulation characteristics and reduces the risk of corrosion. This makes PAROC Pro Clad a sustainable and energy efficient long-term solution.

Elasticity creates durability

When using ordinary cladding materials, the construction gets easily damaged and mechanical damage can cause leakages, infiltration of humidity and dirt, energy loss and even corrosion. PAROC Pro Clad solution works against all these problems since the products holds its form. Elasticity of the cladding makes PAROC Pro Clad a solution that is suitable for applications where physical durability is needed.