PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products - better appearance with easy installation

15 May 2012
At the ISO’12 exhibition in Cologne in 10.-11.5.2012 Paroc launched GreyCoat; a new facing for PAROC Hvac products. With PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products you create a better appearance and end-result without any additional cladding or painting.

PAROC Hvac GreyCoatPAROC Hvac GreyCoat products' light grey, almost white facing with lacquer on top makes them ideal for HVAC installations in places where HVAC installation is visible e.g. in shopping malls, public buildings and sports halls. In addition to that, PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products' nice appearance can be created without any additional cladding or painting, which means significant time saving, plus clean and smooth end-result for demanding environments.

Classified fire protection

PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products are fire safe due to their Euroclass A2-s1, d0 classification. It means that these products do not contribute to flashover nor create burning droplets. In addition to that they create a very limited amount of smoke.

GreyCoat facing is available for PAROC Hvac slabs, lamella mats, wired mats and mats.