Wall of Poetry by Paroc Panel System

13 Sep 2011

Culture, exercise and advanced design elements: Paroc Panel System's Wall of Poetry.

The Wall of Poetry is a work of art created by Paroc Panel System, the Turku Central Park of Culture and Exercise project and local poets in Turku.

In recent years, Paroc Panel System has invested in design and introduced new facade solutions of high architectural quality. PAROC print elements in particular offer designers whole new possibilities to utilise their creativity and imagination in the design of buildings.

"These starting points made it obvious that we wished to be a part of Turku's European Capital of Culture 2011 project. As I'm not only a development director but also a poet, the idea for the Wall of Poetry, built with PAROC print elements decorated with poems, came to mind," says Dick Karlsson from Paroc Panel System. The idea got a positive reception from the director of fine arts at the Museum Centre of Turku and the project coordinator for Central Park of Culture and Exercise, and the project quickly gained momentum.

This project helps us progress in our own development project to introduce a new, easy-to-install noise barrier system," Karlsson says.


The Wall of Poetry features poems from the following poets: Pauliina Haasjoki, Jenni Haukio, Markku Into, Dick Karlsson, V.A. Koskenniemi, Juha Kulmala, Jarkko Laine, Bodil Lindfors, Reetta Niemelä, Harri Nordell, Tommi Parkko, Veikko Polameri, Joni Pyysalo, Anja Samooja and Jussi Sutinen. The wall is designed by Pirjo Hongell and Tiina Laurila from Pionium Design.

Wall of poetry by Paroc Panel Systems, poets, Turku Central Park



                           The Wall of Poetry is located in a high-traffic area in front of the Nummi library. 

The Central Park of Culture and Exercise is a joint project of the City of Turku's Sports Services Centre and Cultural Services, and a part of the European Capital of Culture 2011 programme. The project combines exercise and culture in various ways, such as by placing works of art high-profile public areas.