Paroc compressed packs launched successfully

13 Dec 2011
Introduction of 60 % compressed low-density packs to markets improves Paroc's sustainability.

Pallet of PAROC eXtraParoc is gradually introducing 60 % compressed low-density (LD) packs to all markets. One of the main milestones of the program was achieved on 1 October, when 60 % compressed eXtra packs were launched on the Baltic and Russian markets. At the same time, Sweden launched the remaining thicknesses of UNS 37z packs as 60 % compressed. The final step of the programme will be taken next year as Finland is set to increase the previously achieved 50 % compression to 60 % and launch it on the Finnish market.

Good for the environment, good for business
This programme supports our sustainability policy as well as our profitability. It enables cost and time savings while also saving the environment. With reduced freight costs, storage space needs, and packing material waste, the compressed packs benefit all parties of the supply chain – from manufacturer to dealer and contractor


In the Baltic, for example, the shift from 40 % to 60 % compressed packs last autumn decreased usage of packing plastics by 14 % and wooden pallets by 34 % per big pack unit. A Paroc dealer in Kaunas, Lithuania, a director of UAB Serfas, has first-hand experiences of the benefits:

The new PAROC eXtra compressed by 60% is a very good product from several points of view. First of all, it is a very high-quality product, positively accepted on the market. Second, it helps us reduce storage space. At the same time, we are able to deliver more different goods in a single truck to clients. And, of course, we also reduce the amount of waste from product packaging. In conclusion, I would say that this product meets our expectations." 

A representative of the Finnish DIY-store chain Starkki also added that: "The single packs are more durable than before. Previously, the packages ripped from the seams when lifted. We have had no bad experiences with these compressed packs."