Heat loss problem in multi-storey buildings in Finland

17 Oct 2011
Paroc develops solution for heat loss problem in multi-storey buildings from 1960s–80s.

Paroc has developed a new stone wool-insulated wooden element that makes it easier to adapt multi-storey buildings to the Passive House Standard. The Finnish market is the first to test the new technology.

Insulated wooden element used in renovating a Multi-storey building in Finland

“The market in Northern Europe is enormous. The industry has worked long and hard to find a simple and effective way of being able to renovate multi-storey buildings so that they adhere to the new requirements for energy consumption. We've developed wooden elements that are easy to mount and the result is in line with the Passive House Standard,” says Jukka Sevón, Product Development Manager and project initiator at Paroc Oy AB.


In Peltosaari, Finland, the company is currently busy reconstructing the facade of a building with twelve-metre-high vertical wooden frame elements insulated with stone wool. The building was selected through a competition in an Innova project where the aim was to find and give grounds for innovative solutions that make it possible to renovate multi-storey buildings and, at the same time, adapt them into Passive Houses. Paroc in Finland is the initiator of the project, which is financed by ARA (The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland), among others.