Sustainability is Our Key Driver

Paroc sustainability

Having “sustainable built environment” in our mission indicates how much value we place on sustainability.

Long-term business success is only possible if we each take our individual responsibilities towards the environment and society seriously.

A major benefit of Paroc’s continuous innovation - for customers, other stakeholders and the world at large - is the attention we give to environmental aspects, such as energy efficiency, recycling and emissions.

Corporate responsibility is not only good for the environment and everyone who lives and works in buildings and structures that use Paroc products. It’s of huge business value too, in giving assurance to our partners of enduring quality, compliance and safety, reducing material lifecycle cost, speeding up installation and building partnerships.

Our responsibilities towards stakeholders extend beyond our product impact. We offer our personnel a safe and enjoyable working place with opportunities to pursue their personal goals. Our own long-term success can provide continued and increased employment. We also offer our suppliers and partners income and the possibility to grow.

This is why we believe Paroc products represent an important contribution to economic, social and environmental welfare; helping protect our world, as well as everyone and everything in it.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Paroc supports the UN Sustainable Development agenda and its goals. We have identified the goals where Paroc can make the biggest impact through its own operations, and we have linked them to our own sustainability focus areas.