High Quality Stone Wool Insulation Products and Solutions

For more than 75 years now, we have worked passionately to offer sustainable solutions and innovative products that enable our customers to build efficiently and with high quality. As a pioneer of the insulation industry, Paroc aims to fulfil the changing demands today’s world sets for the environments we build. Sustainable and durable choices ensure fire safe, energy-efficient and comfortable living and working environments for the future too.

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Paroc - Your Innovative and Trusted Partner

Our mission is to be an innovative and trusted partner for a sustainable built environment, and it guides all our actions as a company. Safety and sustainability go hand in hand with our product quality. Our products comply with all relevant international and local recommendations and requirements. We work together with other organisations, such as the EU, EURIMA and Fire Safe Europe to make insulation ever better. 

High Quality Stone Wool Products and Solutions 

Paroc provides efficient solutions especially for pipe insulation requirements. What insulation solution is right for your needs depends on the operating temperature of the pipe. Pipe section insulation does not sag over time, so its thickness and insulating property remain consistent for the whole lifetime of the pipeline. We always recommend pipe sections for process pipelines. An additional important property of PAROC products is their very low chloride and fluoride content, which helps to minimise the risk of corrosion under the insulation.

PAROC Pro Section solution

 PAROC Pro Lock solution

Paroc product selection for the US market covers high-quality pipe insulation solutions for industry. Also a variety of process industry slabs is available. 

PAROC products are safe to use. Please check Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information.

Product information is available via links below. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us.