Installation guidelines for log wall renovation

Adding insulation on the outside of a log house

Log house, additional insulation1 Remove old facade and wind protection slab. Seal the gaps and repair mouldy or moisture-damaged structures. 
Log house, additional insulation 2  Install studding c600 mm with sliding fasteners.
Log house, additional insulation 3 Install PAROC eXtra slabs between the timber frames. Use whole slabs and install the edges carefully. Seal the joints around windows and doors with caulking band PAROC XSI 006. Use the blade of the cutting knife to ensure that installation fills the entire timber frame.

Log house, additional insulation 4

Install wind protection slab outside the timber frame so that the coverage is outwards. Install the slabs with butt joints. Use nails or screws and washers for preliminary fastening (5 – 6 per slab). For air tightness in the outer corners, use wide corner tape PAROC XST 021. Seal the slab seams with tape PAROC XST 020.
Wind protection 2  
Timber frame, additonal insulation 4 After installing all wind protection slabs to the wall, push to spacer at a distance of about 600 mm (according to the timber frame). The highest row of the spacers should not be more than 200 mm below the connection of the wall and roof.
Timber frame, additonal insulation 5 If you install horizontal cladding outside, nail a vertical grid siding through the spacer. 
Timber frame, additonal insulation 6 If you have vertical cladding, first nail a vertical grid siding and then another in the horizontal direction. 

Finalise the facade.