Installation guidelines for cellar ceilings

Rendered Ceiling Insulation: Fixed with Adhesive

Spray mortar onto the surface of the lamella and press a plastic-coated fibreglass mesh onto the rendered layer before it has a chance to dry. Level the surface, and then spray or rub it once dry. A thin rendered ceiling is neat and tidy, seamless and identical in appearance to a traditionally rendered surface. The surface can also be painted.

Painted Ceiling Insulation: Fixed with Adhesive

Glue PAROC CGL 20cy lamellas directly onto prepared concrete. Use the same adhesives as those used when installing ETICS. They should fulfil the requirements of this method and carefully tested products. Use a trowel to press the products onto the ceiling so as to avoid denting the surface with your fingers. No fasteners required.

Paint the ceilings by spraying with products specifically designed for the purpose and which meet the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

Rendered Ceiling Insulation: Adhesion with Concrete Casting

Lay the product over a new or thoroughly cleaned veneer mould. Stagger the seams and push the edges tightly against each other. Install the concrete reinforcement on top. Lay it as a ready-made iron mesh so that it is lifted off the insulation with wedged pieces over a sufficient surface area to provide support. Finally, paint the ceiling.