Our products are fire safe. They also play a vital role in fighting climate change. Around 40% of greenhouse gas emission generated by humans come from buildings.

We aspire to halve our CO2 emissions by 2030 and eventually eliminate our use of fossil fuels. One milestone is 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

We design our products and solutions for recycling and reuse. By 2030 there will be zero waste leaving our plants.

We are continuously joining forces with our customers to develop and test new sustainable products and solutions.

We are in the business of energy efficiency

Every stone wool slab that we produce will cut buildings' CO2 emissions for their whole lifetime. In fact, for each tonne of CO2 generated in the manufacturing of stone wool, about 200 tonnes of CO2 is saved by stone wool's thermal insulation properties over a 50-year period.

That ratio, 1:200 is something we are very proud of. But that doesn't mean we are content. We want to turn every stone to find new ways to make that one tonne and our general footprint as small as possible. 

We believe in working together with our customers and sharing best innovations and thoughts with others.

This is what we believe in.

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