Accessories for Ventilated Facade Insulations

PAROC XFM 002Image

PAROC XFM 002 (Joint profile)

PAROC XFM 002 joint profile is a H-profile to be used in the joints of wall insulation boards PAROC WAB 10ttp. The profile is made of extruded PVC.

PAROC XFM 004Image

PAROC XFM 004 (Insulation holder wood)

Insulation holder PAROC XFM 004 is used for mechanical mounting of PAROC WAS 35 slabs on a wooden surface. The insulation holder is made of polypropylene. Wood screws and bits are supplied in the box. 

PAROC XFP 001Image

PAROC XFP 001 (Tubular spacer)

PAROC XFP 001 tubular spacer is used in ventilated facades to give a harmonized distance between the wall frame and the facade material. The spacer creates a bearing connection through the stone wool layer. The spacer is made of HD quality polyethylene.

PAROC XFP 002Image

PAROC XFP 002 (Pin spacer)

The PAROC XFP 002 spacer with tines is used in ventilated facades to achieve the same distance between the frame and the facade. It is particularly useful when installing a light facade panel on PAROC Cortex.

PAROC XFW 003Image

PAROC XFW 003 (Metal washer)

PAROC XFW 003 metal washer is used with screws or nails in installation of insulation layers to the ventilated facades or underneath installation in pitched roofs. The washer is made of zendzimir galvanized steel plate. Need: 4 pieces /m2

PAROC XFW 004Image

PAROC XFW 004 (Plastic washer)

PAROC XFW 004 plastic washer is used with screws or nails in the installation of insulation layers in ventilated facades. The washer is made of polypropylene and the required number is 4 pieces per m².