Tools for Building Insulations

PAROC XTK 002Image

PAROC XTK 002 (Cutting table knife)

PAROC XTK 002 cutting table knife with blade made from high quality steel to ensure sharpness for an extended period of use. The Knife has a bent wooden handle.

PAROC XTK 003zdyImage

PAROC XTK 003zdy (Knife)

PAROC XTK 003zdy knife is a stone wool insulation knife for DIY installers. The 300 mm long blade is made of cold-rolled hardened steel with a wooden handle. The blade is made with a printed scale to help in installation work. With a light and sharp knife it is easy and fast to cut stone wool products into different sizes and forms.

PAROC XTT 001Image

PAROC XTT 001 (Cutting table)

PAROC XTT 001 cutting table is a graduated worktable for cutting stone wool products. The graduated and compact folding worktable is made of aluminium. The well designed cutting table satisfies the user's demands for fast, accurate and safe cutting. The XTK 002 cutting table knife, with a blade made of high-quality steel to ensure sharpness for an extended period of use, is supplied with the table.