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Wall Absorbers

PARAFON Wall PanelImage

PARAFON Wall Panel

PARAFON Wall Panels are sound-absorbing and impact-resistant wall panels for installing directly on walls. Can be used as a single acoustic panel or as a complement to absorbing suspended ceilings in extremely tough environments such as e.g. schools, nurseries, etc. The surface is covered with the strong glass-fibre fabric Slugger, which is dirt-repelling and easy to clean. Available in white, grey and black and can be used as a notice board. 

PARAFON Buller PerformImage

PARAFON Buller Perform

PARAFON Perforated Steel Cassette is an effective acoustic panel that has a core of non-combustible mineral wool and shell made of perforated sheet metal.

PARAFON Buller MeshImage

PARAFON Buller Mesh

PARAFON Expanded Metal Cassette is an integrated acoustic panel for exposed locations and environments. The surface protection consists of expanded metal made of galvanized sheet around a PARAFON Buller acoustic panel made of non-combustible mineral wool with the highest fire classification, A1, in accordance with EN 13501-1.