PAROC Pro Curve WR and PAROC CUI Spacers

A combined system to reduce the risk of CUI around pipe elbows

When it comes to corrosion under insulation (CUI), pipe elbows are often a weak point in the insulation system: In order to face this challenge, PAROC has created a tool to fight CUI: PAROC Pro Curve (WR) and PAROC CUI Spacers in combination with PAROC Pro (WR) pipe sections will reduce the risk of CUI at temperatures up to 200°C.

CUI spacers with two installation options

PAROC CUI Spacers enable installers to easily maintain the distance between the pipe surface and the insulation material. There are two options to install the spacers, either mounted on a belt for bigger pipes, or as single spacers with springs for smaller pipes.


No tools needed

A significant advantage of PAROC CUI Spacers is the fact that no tools are needed to install them, and one size fits all, so only one size needs to be stocked. The belts and spacers are non-metallic and there are no sharp edges and, as an added benefit, the spacers provide space for electrical tracing.


Prefabricated for pipe elbows

The PAROC Pro Curve (WR) range provides prefabricated stone wool insulation elements for pipe elbows. PAROC Pro Curve (WR) 100 features superior water-repellency properties up to 300 °C. Because it is designed to fit around pipe elbows, it provides a tight solution with high compression strength. The solution has no open joints, which minimises heat loss and improves energy efficiency at the same time as reducing the the risk of CUI.

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This combination of two innovative PAROC products provides an effective way to reduce CUI with ease.

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