Paroc Passive House Certificate

Passive House certificate


The Paroc Passive House Certificate is based on the VTT certification of the Paroc Passive House Concept. It is a certificate demonstrating that the building is energy-efficient and climate-friendly and has low energy consumption. It is also confirmation that the building is of the highest quality when it comes to materials and construction, which in turn reduces renovation needs and increases its economic life and resale value.


VTT has granted the Paroc Passive House concept a certificate that defines the quality criteria for passive houses built under the conditions found in Finland and Northern Europe. The certificate ensures the quality of all passive buildings meet these quality criteria.

On the basis of this certificate, Paroc can grant the Paroc Passive House Certificate to passive houses designed and implemented in line with the Paroc Passive House Concept. An additional condition is that Paroc Stonewool is used as insulation.

The Mäkinens receive their Paroc Passive House-certificate.


For the owner, the Passive House Certificate is a valuable document that can be added to the official documents of your house.   

The Mäkinens, owners of a
passive house, receive their
Paroc Passive House Certificate.

Paroc Passive House Certificate (pdf, 73 kB):   










Quality criteria for passive houses defined by VTT:

The building has excellent thermal insulation and first-class structural details.
The annual heating/cooling energy requirement is < 20-30 kWh/m2.
The building envelope has excellent air tightness to ensure no draught and low energy consumption.
The air leakage value with 50 Pascal pressure difference is < 0.6 times the building volume per hour.
The building has a mechanical ventilation system equipped with heat recovery in order to achieve excellent indoor air quality combined with low energy consumption.
Total air ventilation factor ≥0,5l/h.
The required primary energy need for heating, hot water, ventilation and household electricity is < 130 – 140 kWh/m2 a year in normal use.

External link: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
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