PAROC Hvac GreyCoat - fire safe style in one go!

PAROC Hvac GreyCoat - Fire safe style in one go


Easy to plan
- quick to install
No PVC or
painting needed
A2-s1, d0
One installation
- ready surface


PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products are for thermal and condensation insulation of pipes and ducts. They are ideal for HVAC insulation in places where the installation is visible, such as shopping malls, public buildings and sport halls. The full system for easy installation includes tapes and flanges in matching color. With PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products you will get an attractive result without any additional cladding or painting. With quick and easy installation you will save both time and money.

PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products are Euroclass A2-s1, d0 classified, which means that they do not contribute to flash over, create a very limited amount of smoke and do not create burning droplets. PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products can be used in places where there is a high fire demands such as public buildings, exit hallways etc.



Here we have listed a few of PAROC Hvac GreyCoat references. Click the reference name to see more pictures.

Kuopio University HospitalKuopio University hospital, Kuopio, Finland

The underground passage from parking garage to the industrial kitchen needed a fire safe and appealing HVAC insulation solution. The heat and water piping systems in the passage were insulated with PAROC Hvac Section GreyCoat T and PAROC Hvac Bend GreyCoat T producs.

Prisma VilniusPrisma supermarket, Vilnius, Lithuania

Prisma is a Finnish supermarket chain, which also has some stores in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Prisma in Vilnius, Lithuania is similar in size to Jyväskylä Prisma as it was built based on the same floor plan. The ventilation ducts and water pipes in the ceiling were insulated with PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat GreyCoat and PAROC Hvac Section GreyCoat as specified and approved in the original drawings.

Shopping centre Iso-Kristiina in LappeenrantaIso-Kristiina shopping centre, Lappeenranta, Finland 

According to Finnish building regulations, the products used as surface materials in parking garages garages must be of minimum B-s1, d0 classified. PAROC Hvac GreyCoat products are Euroclass A2-s1, d0 classified, and that was the main reason why they were chosen for HVAC installations at Iso-Kristiina shopping centre parking garage.


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PAROC Flange GreyCoat

PAROC Tape GreyCoat

PAROC Hvac Section GreyCoat T

PAROC Hvac Bend GreyCoat T

PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat GreyCoat

PAROC Hvac Slab GreyCoat


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