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Win on Point with PAROC HVAC Dots

Looking for a clean, fast and safe way to cover your head pins after insulation a duct?

PAROC Hvac Dots are the optimal solution when it comes to cover pins’ heads; they are self-adhesive, come on a roll and can be stuck directly on the head pins with the help of a spatula; this is much faster and cleaner and generates a smooth, gapless and even insulation; no risk of condensation; it is very easy to lift the single dot from the release paper.

Until now, installers had to cover head pins when fixing AluCoat lamella mats to the duct by tearing off foil or cut it with knife or scissors one-by-one and stick it manually on the head pins; those “circular plasters” were not necessarily cut with clean edges or glued smoothly onto the pins surface causing wrinkles and an uneven surface (danger of moisture ingress).

Additionally, PAROC Hvac Dots will cause less waste on the construction site saving time when it comes to tidying up. 

PAROC HVAC Dots Installation

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