Paroc Clad Sysetem benefits

Introducing the PAROC Clad System:

Lightweight, high performance, with short lead times

Thermal insulation is a vital part of any construction project. It can drastically reduce energy loss, improve sustainability, and provide fire protection. This makes it a necessary function in most heavy industries including power, oil and gas, and petrochemical, alongside other sectors like food manufacturing, shipping, and industrial ventilation ducts.   

Increased demand for insulation

However, those seeking effective insulation solutions face a multitude of challenges. Supply chain delays and shortages are threatening construction timelines across the globe, with demand showing no signs of declining any time soon. Simultaneously, public expectations (and awareness) of sustainability have placed a spotlight on solutions that can boost eco-credentials and conserve energy. So the demand for insulation will likely continue on an upward curve.


Enter the PAROC Clad System

Amid this backdrop, Paroc has launched the PAROC Clad System, a market-first, complete industrial stone wool cladding system including pipe section, curve, bend, segment, lamella mat, tapes and Clad Dots to cover head pins. 

CLAD Installation

Many benefits

The PAROC Clad System is weatherproof, UV-resistant, salt-water resistant and impermeable to water. It can withstand temperatures up to 680°C making it good for protecting against temperature losses on high-temperature systems and steam lines. This makes the insulation system suitable for a wide range of cases including power, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, the food industry and coastal applications. For the food industry, the system has been tested for use in food contact applications according to EC1935/2004, EU 10/2011, EC 2023/2006, and the German Food and essential Commodities and Animal Feed Code (LFGB). It is also suited for use in cleanrooms and laboratories thanks to the system’s smooth and chemically resistant surface that hinders bacterial growth.

Thanks to its non-corroding surface, PAROC Clad System is also particularly attractive for installations that need to mitigate rust (like areas in danger of flooding). The insulation is so robust that puncture resistance testing (in accordance with DIN EN 14 477) has found the system to offer protection against continuous punctures like birds pecking. Because of its durability in many use cases, its moisture-proofing, and smooth surfaces, stone wool insulation is also relatively easy to maintain. 

The system can be used to insulate pipework or ventilation systems which require weather protection in areas where space is limited or tight, which make inflexible metal covering systems difficult to use.

Another major advantage of the Clad Surface is evident when personal protection is of importance. Due to a higher emission ratio (ε 0.65) of the Clad Film, insulation thicknesses can be reduced when compared to insulation in conjunction with metal cladding (low emissivity), resulting in a cost savings.

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