Our impact

Our decisions are our impact

Whatever we decide, it's the end result that matters. As we continue to develop our society, let's make decisions that have a sustainable impact. Our impact is what we leave behind - a more sustainable society.

Owens Corning 2030 Sustainability goals 

The third set of Owens Corning long-term goals spans from environment and product to social targets. It is our commitment of making the world a better place.
Green leaf

PAROC Rewool re-use old and used insulation

Our products are designed to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and to lower the overall cost through the reuse and recycling of the product via the circular economy.
Paroc Rewool

Naturally sustainable choice 

PAROC Stone wool is a naturally sustainable insulation. Due to the natural, non-combustible raw material, our stone wool insulation offers a unique combination of benefits.
Stone wool is a sustainable insulation choice

When you need nZeb

Near-zero energy buildings demand cost efficient solutions. Insulation is the most effective way to increase energy efficiency, minimize green house gas emissions and reach the climate goals.

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Sustainable sourcing

Paroc was the first mineral wool insulation manufacturer to achieve BES 6001 for its responsible sourcing of materials. The certification covers all Paroc's European production sites of thermal insulation. 
PAROC products and solutions

Increased compression

We are increasing the compression rate on several of our products by up to 70% – this means less transport, reduced storage requirements and easier management. For the sake of the environment! 
Increrased compression to insulation packages

Green electricity

We are continously increasing the share of our electricity sourced through renewable sources. By making our factories even more efficient we continue making more out of less.
The use of electicity from renewable sources make our production even more energy efficient.