Mairne ship with marine brochure black background

Looking for marine insulation?

Choosing the right marine insulation can make a significant difference to the environment and experience onboard. But it can be difficult to understand the different options out there on the market.

That’s why PAROC has developed the Marine Installation Guidebook which offers a comprehensive guide to stonewool insulation solutions for marine applications (according to IMO FTPCode2010 and the Marine Equipment Directive). Inside the guide you will find:

  • Product information, grouped by family and application for easy navigation. 
  • Details on installing insulation on decks and bulkheads. 
  • Application guides for pins and stiffeners that show the different methods that can be used (for both mats and slabs).

To meet the different needs and knowledge levels of installers, designers, shipyards, and shipowners, the Marine Installation Guidebook features at-a-glance graphics that cover the main thermal and density features of each product (including acoustics and fire performance). QR codes and hyperlinks direct to additional details if required. 

After reading the Guide, you will have a better idea of the insulation products your installation needs for the best performance, plus the different ways of installing the solution.