Noise is often associated with factories, heavy traffic and busy workshops. An unwelcome intrusion that disturbs people and makes it difficult to both communicate and work.
The fact that noise can mask both speech and signals is a problem in itself. But it can also cause hearing damage, physical reactions and sleep disorders. Noise can also affect our ability to concentrate to the detriment of both performance and safety. So there is a lot to gain from dampening the noise level as much as possible.

One basic rule even in industrial environments is to install a total sound-absorbing suspended ceiling to minimise the dispersion of noise. Then you can supplement the solution with suspended baffles and acoustic wall panels, for example. If the source of noise is close to a wall, it is particularly important to have an acoustic wall panel that will prevent the sound from being reflected back out into the space.

Paroc offers a wide, tried and tested range for exposed environments and there are all sorts of options for creating hard-wearing and durable solutions while also using different colours and installation methods to ensure a good aesthetic.