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In many environments, very stringent requirements are stipulated for good hygiene, which means that sound-absorbing suspended ceilings need to be able to tolerate regular cleaning. Sometimes wet cleaning with or without disinfectant is required, sometimes pressure-washing.
Paroc has developed a special hygiene concept that offers solutions for environments with stringent requirements for hygiene and cleanliness. Everything from kitchens and cafeterias to operating theatres and swimming facilities. This includes tested and durable acoustic panels and suspended ceilings for the best possible sound environment.

The design of a treatment or patient room should give the option of privacy. As a patient, you should not be exposed to unnecessary sound or noise that may cause anxiety or stress in an already difficult situation. It is also important to support the communication between caregiver and patient, to ensure that technical equipment is not hampered by undesirable noise and to ensure that sound does not carry between patient rooms.

At swimming baths, good speech intelligibility is required so that swimming instructors and lifeguards can give instructions, for example. A low noise level is also required so that any shouts for help can be easily heard. The environment is special in several ways. For example, you should bear in mind that acoustic panels have to be installed above splashing height.

Shower rooms often have reflective floor and wall surfaces. Install soft sound-absorbing suspended ceilings there that will dampen the echo. When producing an acoustic design, it is important keep showers, ventilation, corrosion and condensation in mind, for example. We have durable products that were specially developed for these types of challenges.
  • What cleaning needs or requirement are there?
  • Will the suspended ceiling be exposed to moisture, high humidity or a particularly corrosive environment?
  • Select a grid system and installation accessories with reinforced corrosion protection in wet or damp environments.