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Room Acoustics - Sound absorbers and false ceilings

People are spending more and more of their time indoors, which means that the quality of the indoor environment is becoming ever more important to our general well-being. 
An important aspect of the indoor environment is the acoustic environment. This affects people in many different ways, and studies show a clear link between exposure to noise and a variety of health effects.

Noise can damage our hearing, disrupt conversation, mask important signals, cause physical reactions and disturb sleep. It can also affect our ability to concentrate, thus lowering performance at work. Although noise problems have traditionally been associated with factories, traffic and rackety workshops, they are being noticed more and more in other areas, too, such as schools, nurseries and offices.
Paroc manufactures sound absorbers using stone wool – a naturally durable and fireproof material – and, under the PARAFON® trademark, offers a wide range of sound absorbers, false ceilings and wall solutions suitable for most types of area. 
Given the right solution, the noise level can be reduced in every conceivable environment.