Detached house, Värnamo

Couple Elin Claesson and Johan Palm have built a Fiskarhedenvillan house, which is set to be ready for them to move into at the end of November or beginning of December.

As the houses Fiskarhedenvillan provide are stick-built homes, Elin and Johan were able to make changes to the layout to create their perfect house. As Elin works as a designer/planner within the building services sector, she has been heavily involved in the construction work. Her input has included drawing up the plan for the house’s ventilation system and carrying out the installation of the duct insulation. 

Technical installations such as ventilation ducts also need to be well-insulated in order to save energy and reduce the house’s environmental load. PAROC HVAC AirCoat is a fire safety approved overall solution for the insulation of circular ventilation ducts. Installation is straightforward and can be carried out in one go, with minimal wastage. 
PAROC insulation products can also be used for exterior walls, intermediate beams and internal walls.


Products used:

PAROC Hvac AirCoat


Quick and easy installation of the house’s ventilation ducts

The house is located five kilometres south of Värnamo, along the long and narrow Lake Vidöstern, through which the River Lagan runs. For Elin Claesson and Johan Palm this is the perfect location to build their future home. The construction work began in May with the laying of the slab, and since then everything has proceeded well.
Elin contacted Martin Haglund, a comfort and ventilation sales representative at Lindab, when she needed help finding a ventilation unit.

Martin Haglund, Lindab:
“I suggested one which is installed in the cold attic. As she is a building services consultant and had designed the duct system herself, I suggested that she could install the system herself.”

Elin jumped at the idea, which according to Martin Haglund, made choosing ventilation insulation easy. “Installing PAROC HVAC AirCoat perfectly requires minimal prior knowledge. Not only that, but it also offer good energy efficiency,” Martin continues.

For Elin, the installation work was easy. 

“Everything went very well. AirCoat is versatile when it comes to installation, and no insulation experience was required. First we installed all the components, and then the straight insulation parts that sit between the components. We read up about how to do this online, and it didn’t take long to get our heads around how everything should work,” explains Elin Claesson.

PAROC HVAC AirCoat was launched in 2016. Philip Malek, a product manager responsible for building systems and processes in Scandinavia, provides four strong arguments for using the product:

  • A good overall solution for circular ventilation ducts – insulation for straight ducts, tees, elbows at 45° and 90°, and installation accessories.
  • Combined fire and condensation insulation, for example, saves space.
  • Quick, neat and simple installation compared to traditional metal mesh blankets.
  • Minimal wastage.

Philip Malek thinks that AirCoat, with its overall solution, is unique. The product has been produced and adapted for thermal, sound, condensation and fire insulation. AirCoat is also approved for exterior insulation of ventilation ducts, with a fire classification of EI30. 

“Ventilation is one of the most important systems in a building, and there is a great deal of interest out in the market!” Philip concludes. 



Project information

  • HVAC
Year 2016
Country Sweden
City and zip code Värnamo