Max IV Laboratory, Lund, Sweden

The MAX LAB Laboratory, hosted by Lund University, is Europe's largest research facility for synchrotron light (electromagnetic energy that is produced in so-called storage rings when electrons are accelerated to a speed close to the speed of light). The laboratory currently comprises three storage rings, which produce x-rays of very high intensity and quality. Researchers from all over the world visit the laboratory to use the x-rays for scientific research making the invisible visible.

A wholly new, circular facility, the MAX IV, is now being built. When it opens in summer 2016, there will be two storage rings. The outer circumference of the larger ring is nearly 700 metres, and the entire facility covers an area of just over 15 hectares.

Paroc Technical Insulation has supplied the pipe sections for thermal insulation of the entire complicated structure.

Products used:

PAROC Hvac Section AluCoat T 

Project information

  • HVAC
Year 2016
Country Sweden
Address Ole Römers väg 1
City and zip code 221 00, Lund
Architect FOJAB Arkitekter

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