Industrial Building Prästgatan, Avesta, Sweden

An industrial building at Prästgatan 39 in Avesta, originally built in 1960, has been refurbished to a modern, energy-efficient building. The building has been insulated, doors, windows and doors have been replaced. Additionally, air/heat pumps installed with FTX heat exchangers for ventilation.

Used products:
ROS 30, ROS 30g, ROB 80
Office: 180 mm FAS 2
Basement below office:
- Below ground: 100 mm Ecoprim XEC 200.
- Above ground: 100 mm GRS 50+ 50 mm FAS 2
Outer wall warehouse/factory: 70 mm PAROC eXtra, 95 mm Klimatskiva™ 
Foundation warehouse/factory: 100 mm GRS 30 + 50 mm FAS 2 

Project information

  • Energywise Renovations
Year 2013
Country Sweden
Address Prästgatan 39
City and zip code 774 35 Avesta

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