IEA5 low-energy house, Finland

IEA5 was built for housing fairs in Pietarsaari in 1994. It can be regarded as a pioneer in energy-efficient building and it is still used as a good example and basis for low energy or even zero energy houses by VTT and Tekes. The house also uses solar energy.

VTT has studied and monitored IEA5 for nearly twenty years. The energy consumption for the heating of spaces has been registered. All studies have come to the same conclusion that insulation with a thickness of over 300 mm causes no risk if used without building mistakes.

Paroc has always promoted energy-efficient building, which is why Paroc was chosen as partner and insulation supplier for the IEA5 house. PAROC UNS 37 (PAROC eXtra now) and PAROC WPS 3n as wind protection provide the fire safety and energy efficiency solutions for IEA5.

Products used:


Project information

  • Walls
Year 1994
Country Finland
Address Equatorn
City and zip code 68600 Pietarsaari

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