District heating battery storage at Fortum’s power plant

The district heating battery at Fortum’s Suomenoja power plant is the biggest in Finland. The thermal battery consists of a 20,000 cubic metre water tank that can store about 800 MWh of thermal energy. This is approximately equal to the heat consumption of about 13,000 single-family homes per day. 

The walls of the container, whose height is 43 m and diameter 26 m, were insulated using two layers of PAROC Pro Slab 60 insulation, and its top was covered with PAROC Pro Roof Slab 20 kPa slabs. A total of  9,000 m2 of insulation was used for the tank. The slabs were cut to fit the reinforcement with 2,000 mm spacing, and were attached with bands.

Products used:

PAROC Pro Slab 60
PAROC Pro Roof Slab 20 kPa

Project information

  • Process Industry
Year 2016
Country Finland
Address Hylkeenpyytäjäntie 4
City and zip code 02270 Espoo

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