Dementia centre, Falköping, Sweden

Falköping Municipality is looking to the future and meeting healthcare demands with a completely new dementia centre. In the plan adopted by the social welfare board in April 2013, it was concluded that Falköping Municipality was lacking a centre for dementia care.

In January 2016, the social welfare board decided that the dementia centre would be built in accordance with the social welfare board’s intentions and objectives for the service. The dementia centre is being built in Fåraberget. It will cover an area of approx. 9,000 m².

The buildings will be insulated using PAROC eXtra, which is a universal slab made of non-combustible stone wool and used for heat and sound insulation as well as fire protection in e.g. walls, attics and floors in all types of buildings.

Products used:

The intention is for the following services to be available at the dementia centre:
• 70 residential places with dementia care divided into groups of approx. ten people around communal areas where residents can socialise and have meals.
• 10 places for short-term stays, respite care, day care and neighbouring community spaces.
• A community building with premises for daytime activities relating to dementia care, a kitchen, a spacious meeting room, offices for management, nurses and other staff specialising in dementia care, and break and changing rooms for staff.
• Covered walkways permitting indoor movement between various buildings/departments within the dementia centre.
• A “garden of the mind”, with areas located both indoors and outdoors.


Project information

  • Walls
Year 2018
Country Sweden
Address Norra Tvärvägen
City and zip code 520 43 Falköping

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