Bus depot, Stockholm

The Fredriksdal bus depot, which when complete will be a modern depot spanning seven floors, is currently under construction in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. The depot is scheduled for completion at the end of 2016, and will provide parking spaces for approximately 140 of Stockholm’s biogas-powered inner city buses. The depot will also encompass workshops, bus-washing facilities and a garage where the buses can be refuelled, charged and serviced when not in use.

Skanska is the main contractor, with the project spanning approximately 50,000 m2. Sustainability, both in terms of material choices and technical solutions, is a key area of focus throughout the construction of the depot. The energy used within the building will be partially supplied by solar panels mounted on an external wall, and sedum plants are to be planted on the roof.

The depot is equipped with 10,000–12,000 m of plumbing pipes, of which approximately 5,000 m have been insulated with PAROC HVAC GreyCoat products.


Products used:

PAROC Hvac Section GreyCoat T, PAROC Hvac Combi GreyCoat T, PAROC Hvac Bend GreyCoat T

PAROC Hvac Section AluCoat T

PAROC Hvac Combi AluCoat T 

PAROC Reinforced AluCoat Tape

Project information

  • HVAC
Year 2016
Country Sweden
Address Fredriksdalsgatan 2
City and zip code 120 32 Stockholm
Architect Brunnberg & Forshed Arkitekter
Designer Bevego

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