Boda Glass Grinding museum, Sweden

The old glass grindery at Boda Glasbruk was renovated into a museum for collections of art glassware from Kosta, Åfors and Boda. The building was adapted to the requirements for a heated premises. As a first step, the roof was insulated using the PAROC Air-solution, with the purpose of ventilating away all moisture in the old construction – concrete with a sealing layer of damaged paper.

The old damaged paper was retained and will work as a steam barrier in the new roof construction. PAROC Air takes care of moisture, which will be brought into the roof during the building period and also of the existing moisture which will dry outwards, especially from the existing sealing layer. The whole of the old construction will be warmer than before, and will dry outwards as well as inwards when the building becomes tight and the heating is started.

The roof area is approximately 1000 m².

Products used:

PAROC Air-solution with PAROC ROS 30, PAROC ROS 30g and PAROC ROB

Project information

  • Roofs
Year 2010
Country Sweden
Address Storgatan 5
City and zip code 361 30 Emmaboda

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