Block of flats, Södertälje, Sweden

BRF Fogdetorp is Södertälje's largest housing cooperative (tenant-owner association), with 378 flats in 9 buildings. The area was built in 1967–68 and was part of the so-called Million Programme. Between the years 2018 to 2021, an extensive renovation of the properties was carried out. The ventilation was inadequate, there was asbestos in the walls, the windows were not airtight, and the facades and balconies had reached the end of their technical life. The goal of the renovation was to achieve a reduction in energy consumption of 60%, reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and improve the indoor comfort. The buildings were insulated with PAROC stone wool, which not only improves energy efficiency but also contributes to lower heating costs and greater living comfort. 

Products used:

PAROC Fatio Plus, Rendered Façade Slab


PAROC stone wool improves the Million Programme's energy efficiency!

The housing cooperative is located on the eastern side of the canal on Rosenhöjdsvägen in a calm cul-de-sac at the top of the hill. There are several children's playgrounds, tennis court, boule court, football pitch and BBQ spots in the area. The various buildings contain, among other things, association room, gym, billiard tables, table tennis tables, rooms for overnight stays and sauna. BRF Fogdetorp is part of the Million Programme, which had the aim of building a million homes during a 10-year period.

Prior to the renovation, the board of the housing cooperative adopted a comprehensive approach via HSB* and the engineering consultancy WSB. The decision was taken to add new entrances, new laundries, enlarged and glazed balconies, security doors to flats and solar cells on the roof. The facades were renovated using the SmartFront method, where new supply air ducts, connected to a heat recovery ventilation unit on the attic joists, were installed on the outside of the flats in the inner insulation layer.

There are many advantages with the SmartFront method:

  • Installation is carried out from the outside.
  • The activities inside the building are disturbed as little as possible.
  • The additional insulation is placed on the outside of the building.
  • The ducts are placed in channels in the insulation.
  • None of the flats' living area is lost, which means there is no need to lower the rent.
  • The additional insulation provides a continuous seal on the façade that dampens noise from outside.
  • The indoor temperature becomes less sensitive to sudden changes in the outdoor temperature.
  • SmartFront reduces the quantity of radon in properties.


Stefan Forsberg, CEO at SmartFront:

"Renovating buildings is not just about going ahead and hoping that everything will turn out well! At SmartFront, we want to leave behind us sustainable buildings with low demands for maintenance and excellent running costs that, moreover, are beautiful to behold. For this reason, we always use stable and secure materials in our products."

"Without good relations with our clients, suppliers and all involved, the end result will not be a success. During the renovation of BRF Fogdetorp, everyone contributed with professional and crucial input, which made the project such a success. For us, when we renovate together the whole is important, and the result allows everyone to thrive and to be seen. Good relations and products with good results!" 


*HSB is a cooperative organisation, owned by the members, operating in property development and property management.


Project information

  • Energywise Renovations
Year 2021
Country Sweden
Address Morabergsvägen 33a
City and zip code 152 42 Södertälje

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