Block of flats in Kvarteret Vallen, Växjö, Sweden

Kvarteret Vallen in Växjö is located between Växjö Lake and Bergunda Lake, and consists partly of two-storey terraced houses and partly of six to eight-storey high-rises. Several of the flats in the high-rises have views of both lakes. Vallen is part of Välle broar, which is one of Växjo Municipality’s wooden construction areas.

The buildings are insulated with PAROC WAS 35 (Klimatskiva ZERO™). Klimatskiva ZERO™ is used to insulate existing and new ventilated exterior walls.
“This type of insulation is perfect for Kvarteret Vallen because the frame is made of wood. The insulation work itself went off without a hitch, largely because of how rapidly Klimatskiva ZERO™ can be installed,” says Anders Fransson, PAROC’s representative for the project.

Products used:
PAROC WAS 35 (Klimatskiva ZERO™)

Images: Växjo homes

Växjöbostäder and private company Midroc are responsible for the project. Växjöbostäder engaged Värends Entreprenad, which worked with a glulam-based post-and-beam system, while Midroc contacted GBJ Bygg, which builds using solid wood. The surface layer varies, with façades consisting of slab material, wooden panels, rendering and cedar chips. All buildings are designed in accordance with Växjö Municipality’s energy plan, silver Swedish Environmental Building Certification and Växjö Municipality’s timber construction strategy.


Project information

  • Walls
Year 2018
Country Sweden
Address Sjövallavägen 43
City and zip code 352 59 Växjö

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