Block of flats in Kvarteret Geologen, Växjö, Sweden

65 owner-occupied flats are being built in Kvarteret Geologen in Växjö. Nature is a major element of this beautiful setting with beach park, and in the flats with their wooden details and views of Lake Trummen. Kvarteret Geologen is part of a bigger project underway around Lake Trummen in Växjö, with the waterfront location giving a beautiful view of the lake and proximity to the university and promenade.

The buildings are insulated with PAROC WAS 35 (Klimatskiva ZERO™). Klimatskiva ZERO™ is used to insulate existing and new ventilated exterior walls. This type of insulation is perfect for Kvarteret Geologen because the frame is made of wood. The stone wool also makes the buildings safer since it is non-combustible.

Products used:
PAROC Klimatskiva ZERO™
Kvarteret Geologen’s frame made of solid wood is hugely advantageous to both the environment and residents. Where the environment is concerned, the most obvious advantage is that solid wood is a completely natural and renewable material. There are several clear advantages for residents. Catharina at GBJ Bygg tells us more:

“Solid wood has an airtightness that ensures the indoor temperature remains stable, stopping the flats from becoming too warm during the summer or cold during the winter. This quite simply makes the indoor climate healthier. The sound insulation is also good when you have a frame made of solid wood. We’ve built several housing projects using solid wood and have had good experiences,” says Catharina Haglund at GBJ Bygg, which is responsible for the construction.

Residents are expected to start moving in during 2019.

Project information

  • Walls
Year 2018
Country Sweden
Address Anna Koskulls gata 3
City and zip code 35222 Växjö

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