Block of flats in Kalmar, Sweden

Developers I Am Home and Gyllene Parken 87 are building new flats as part of an exciting residential concept with a focus on sustainable solutions and comfortable living in beautiful Snurrom in Kalmar.

The flats at Gyllene Parken will be cooperative rental properties. This means that residents will pay a significantly lower deposit than for an owner-occupied property, but also have greater influence than they would in a traditional rental property. The flats will be airy and stylish with good transport links and close proximity to nature. The flats will vary in size between 1–3 rooms with a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room, and a balcony or patio. Residents are expected to start moving in at the end of 2018.

The contractor, Multibygg, has a turnkey contract, meaning they are responsible for everything from groundworks to electrical installations.

Parts of the exterior walls have been concrete walls insulated with PAROC Klimatskiva ZERO™, with the new attachment for concrete substrates. Since one of the primary goals of the project is energy efficiency, with an airtightness requirement of 0.2 l/s m², energy efficient slab Klimatskiva ZERO™ is the ideal choice.

Products used:
Klimatskiva ZERO™

Project information

  • Walls
Year 2018
Country Sweden
Address Malörtsvägen
City and zip code 393 61 Kalmar

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