Apartment house, Riihimäki, Finland

The Innova project introduced a revolutionary renovation method for a typical concrete sandwich element house from the 1960s and 1970s. The apartment house in Peltosaari, Riihimäki, was renovated to passive house standards in energy consumption.

The renovation method was revolutionary; vertical prefabricated timber-frame elements with integrated fire safety PAROC® stone wool, windows and ventilation ducts installed without scaffoldings. This shortened dramatically the time spent on the building site and disturbance to residents. Furthermore, residents could live at home during the renovation.

A new attic was built and new ventilation equipment was installed. The ventilation ducts in the attic were insulated with PAROC AirCoat. The roof construction was insulated with PAROC eXtra and PAROC BLT 6 blowing wool.

The target of the architectural design was to update the facade, but still maintain a connection to the original character of the building.

Products used:

PAROC UNM 37p, PAROC eXtra plus, PAROC BLT 6 blowing wool, PAROC AirCoat

Project information

  • Energywise Renovations
Year 2011
Country Finland
Address Saturnuksenkatu 10
City and zip code 11130 Riihimäki
Architect In Renovation: Kimmo Lylykangas, architect SAFA

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